Update on Today/Tonight/Thursday’s Icy Event

January 20, 2010 4 Comments

Things aren’t looking too impressive with our precipitation, but we’ll still watch for some overnight. Some counties have been dropped from advisories. Randy’ll have more on the NewsCenter at 5 and 6…and of course at 10.

Most of the crummy precipitation is falling in central Iowa right now, but we’ll watch that line progress ever so slowly northward during the afternoon hours. Nearly our entire area is under either a Freezing Rain Advisory or Winter Weather Advisory through tonight and into Thursday. Central and southern Iowa is currently getting smacked by ice with many locations reporting at least a quarter to half inch accumulation (by the way – that’s a lot).

It appears most of northern Iowa will start to see this get underway during the early afternoon. Most of southern Minnesota will see it later this afternoon and into the early evening starting (later the further north you head).

Rundown: Brown counties = Winter Weather Advisory (for sleet, snow, freezing rain)
Light purple counties = Freezing Rain Advisory (for freezing rain)
Dark purple counties = Ice Storm Warning (for significant icing)

Stay tuned.

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  1. RuthieJ says:

    Major bummer! 🙁 Just when the sidewalks, roads, and parking lots were finally almost all cleared off……

  2. Rhonda says:

    Major bummer,im having my 50th bday tomorrow and a party in Clear Lake Iowa for the weekend.GRRRRR

  3. Sharon Schultz says:

    Where is it??????????????

  4. Randy says:

    Still wondering? 🙂

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