Tropical Storm in Greenland?

September 20, 2010 1 Comment

Here’s something you don’t see every day, the National Hurricane Center’s current 5 day forecast projection places what is now Hurricane Igor over southern Greenland by Friday, but as a weaker non-tropical storm system, but one still capable of producing tropical storm force winds.  The hurricane is now a category one storm heading north toward eastern Canada.  It’ll likely maintain its hurricane status (maximum sustained winds of 74mph) through tomorrow night as it brushes past Newfoundland and then weaken to a tropical storm.  What will then likely happen, as Igor moves into cooler waters of the North Atlantic, is a transition from tropical storm to extratropical storm, meaning Igor will draw more enegry from the atmosphere than the warm waters of the Gulf Stream.  Even as an extratropical storm, it’ll still be interesting to watch Igor making landfall in Greenland and affecting portions of the arctic that don’t often experience storm systems of tropical origin.  The forecast for Friday places Igor at the southern end of the huge, glacier covered island packing winds of greater than 40 miles per hour.   Hopefully the local population and adventurous tourists in that region will be prepared when Igor arrives as waves will be rather choppy and dangerous.  Just last month in western Greenland, a group of 27 sea kayakers were caught in a similar storm and had to be rescued.

The current National Hurricane Center forecast calling for a slight chance of Igor making it up to Greenland and the Greenland Sea.


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  1. jk jones says:

    randy whats the deal ? when are we going to get our normal weather back on track, this year every single time the wind blows out of the SW or SE its storm time. i have never seen anything like this. and its getting fairly sickening. highs today forecasted for 72 and now its 81 now at 3:52pm with high dupoints of almost 70 what the hell ? no one forecasted this at all until its 5 mins from here,

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