The August Outlook

July 30, 2012 0 Comments

It’s certainly been an unusually warm and at times very dry month of July across our area and it looks like that trend will carry over into the upcoming month of August.  As it stands right now, July 2012 has been the third warmest in Rochester’s history with a mean temperature of 77.2° (that’s 87.5° for the average high and 66.9° for the low.)  Those numbers tie us with July 1955 and it’s not impossible that we may end up in sole possession of third by the end of the month which is just hours away.  The next couple of days will certainly be warmer than normal as will most of this week, boosting our average.  The pattern won’t be quite as rough as the middle of July was when we were so hot and dry as a series of cold fronts will be marching through the region, keeping temperatures a little closer to normal and rainfall slightly more plentiful.  With that said, it does appear that odds are in favor of warmer than normal and drier than normal weather.  Beyond August there is hope that the rainfall situation will improve as the odds for dry and normal rainfall even out while warmer than normal weather is going to be a continuing trend through the fall and possibly the entire winter.

Climate Prediction Center Outlooks:

There's a strong possibility that we'll be warmer than normal for the month of August.

Our area is in the drier than normal outlook for precipitation in the month of August from the Climate Prediction Center.



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