Snowfall Totals; A Frigid Weekend

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The fast-moving storm system that dropped a dusting of snow on our area Thursday night has moved on to the east, but not before pulling in some cold air and priming us for some winter-like weather this weekend.  Snowfall totals were very much on the light side with generally an inch or less of accumulation reported.

Local snowfall totals from Thursday night and vert early Friday morning.

Local snowfall totals from Thursday night and very early Friday morning.

It looks like much of this fresh coating of snow will linger for a few more days as temperatures are going to be heading even further downward.  An arctic cold front from Manitoba and northwest Ontario is going to swing through our area later this evening, ushering the coldest air mass of the season to date.  We’ll experience a flurry or two tonight with the passage of the front through the Upper Mississippi Valley, but the most noticeable impact will be strong, gusty north winds that will drop our wind chill values to zero or below late tonight and for Saturday morning.  We’ll have plenty of sunshine behind the front this weekend, but highs will only be in the teens Saturday and then the mid 20s Sunday.  In between, we’ll likely experience the coldest night of the season Saturday night as temperatures drop to around zero.  This weather will be more typical of January than late November and it appears that we’ll have winter-like conditions for most of the remainder of the month.

Here’s a look at some more area snowfall totals:  

925 AM CST MON NOV 11 2013


LOCATION                       AMOUNT    TIME/DATE       LAT/LON


2 SSE CLAREMONT                1.2       0700 AM 11/11   44.01N/92.99W
2 SW CONCORD                        0.7       0800 AM 11/11   44.13N/92.86W

SPRING VALLEY 3E               2.6       0848 AM 11/11   43.68N/92.33W
2 SSW SPRING VALLEY        2.0       0800 AM 11/11   43.66N/92.41W
3 E SPRING VALLEY              1.4       0700 AM 11/11   43.68N/92.33W
LANESBORO                               1.0       0700 AM 11/11   43.72N/91.97W
2 SSE PILOT MOUND              0.1       0700 AM 11/11   43.79N/92.03W

CALEDONIA                               1.4       0700 AM 11/11   43.63N/91.50W
SPRING GROVE 4N                  0.8       0700 AM 11/11   43.61N/91.62W
2 ENE WILMINGTON             0.5       0800 AM 11/11   43.56N/91.51W

AUSTIN – KAAL TV               0.8       0852 AM 11/11   43.67N/92.95W
GRAND MEADOW                   0.3       0600 AM 11/11   43.71N/92.56W

2 SW GENOA                            0.8       0700 AM 11/11   44.09N/92.64W
ROCHESTER 3W                   0.8       0710 AM 11/11   44.01N/92.53W
2 N VIOLA                               0.6       0700 AM 11/11   44.10N/92.27W
3 NE ROCHESTER                 0.5       0600 AM 11/11   44.04N/92.44W
ROCHESTER AP 2NE               0.5       0700 AM 11/11   43.93N/92.48W
4 N STEWARTVILLE               0.4       0600 AM 11/11   43.91N/92.50W

2 SW ELBA                                  0.5       0700 AM 11/11   44.06N/92.04W


NWS LA CROSSE                  1.1       0841 AM 11/11   43.82N/91.19W

4 WNW KENDALL               0.6       0700 AM 11/11   43.81N/90.44W

OSSEO                                    0.4       0700 AM 11/11   44.58N/91.22W

2 NNW BLOOMINGDALE             0.3       0700 AM 11/11   43.67N/90.81W
1 E VIROQUA                    0.2       0700 AM 11/11   43.56N/90.88W


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