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March 14, 2011 1 Comment

Tonight is a big night in the eyes of the “weather geek”.  The 1st of  March marked the official start of severe weather season in the United States.  We all remember from last year the power mother nature can pack when it comes to this type of weather.  June 17th comes to mind with that massive tornado outbreak.  Last year Minnesota broke their record for most tornadoes in one year and beat out every single state for most tornado touchdowns last year with 113 tornado confirmations.

It is important to have skywarn spotters to help give advanced warnings of tornadoes and any other kind of severe weather such as hail, lightning, straight line winds, flooding, etc. The information provided to meteorologists by trained spotters in the field can greatly increase warning times and provide crucial information as we continue to learn about the dynamic atmosphere.

If you are a weather weenie and would like to learn about the weather and more about severe weather spotter training come on out to the Rochester Event Center in Olmsted County at 6:30 to be trained! If you do not live close to Rochester, but are still interested, here is the schedule for a spotter training near you.

Here are some frequently asked questions about skywarn that can help answer some questions before the session.

Tornado near Albert Lea, MN on June 17th

Picture from:!0_2010_0617_AlbertLeaMN-NearAirport_LargeTornado_AlbertLeaTRIBUNE.jpg&imgrefurl=,r:2,s:0


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  1. Kevin says:

    One thing that should be in the back of every americans life from now on, MN in 2010, led the country with the most tornadoes for the year by state, with 145 for the years, TX was second with 105.
    MN before 1988 Average only 14 tornadoes a year, of that only 1 would average a F-3 each of those years.
    Now how many f-3’s and 4’s and 5’s have we had in last 5-8 years.
    The weather has changed, the storms are much more quick hitting and fearce and even the winter storms much more in a short time. This world has changed how our crops are plantd and when . MN knows exactly that the world has been changing each year for over 10 years we have known

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