Sizzling Start To September — Meteorological Summer Recap

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We are supposed to start the cooling trend into fall this month, but Mother Nature is making up for lost time in the heat department instead.  This round of warmth won’t be too intense or last that long,  but it will certainly be a change of pace from the weather we started off the first couple of days of September with.  Before we talk about the return of a tropical-like air mass lets check out the month of September and we are headed climate wise.  Below are some numbers of where we should be at the start and finish of September.


As I mentioned above we’re not talking about any extended heat waves, but the soupy air we just got rid of will return with low to mid 80s on Wednesday and mid to upper 80s on Thursday. Heat indices will jump into the low to mid 90s Thursday afternoon.  We could see a few strong thunderstorms as these air masses push each other out of the way.  That would be the second half of Wednesday into Thursday morning.



September first ended the period known as meteorological summer.  Astronomical summer or what we all observe summer as being ends in a few more more weeks, but to keep climate stats neat and consistent we divide the year into 4 sets of three months.  The June, July, August period stats are below and the summer was basically right where it should have been in terms of average in both temperature and precip.  While the summer wasn’t hot, it also wasn’t that cool.  There were just a few days it was in the 60s in July where we typically see the hottest days of the year that may have tricked our brains.


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