Severe Storms Saturday Night

September 20, 2014 0 Comments

Storms fired a long a cold front slicing through Minnesota Saturday evening.  As these storms developed into a line, damaging winds became the main threat, but hail stole the show.  For the most part the hail was on the smaller size (Dime to pea size) but it piled up in spots.  Looking at the pictures below you would think it just snowed, but that’s all hail covering the ground.  There were spotty reports of tree damage in a few locations across the area as well.  The map below will likely be updated further as more reports come into the National Weather Service.  Blue dots represent wind damage and green represents hail.  Hail will only show up on the storm report if it 1″ or greater (severe criteria).



Below are a few pictures sent in of the storm and what it left behind.

Behind this storm system, temperatures will be running about 10 or so degrees cooler than where we were on Saturday.  That translates to temperatures staying in the low to mid 60s.

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