Severe Drought Continues Amid Recent Rains

April 22, 2012 2 Comments

It is definitely nice to see a nice change of pace.  Through much of the summer dating back to August we couldn’t buy rain.  Over the last week or so we have certainly seen the return of plentiful rain.  The graphic below shows the break down of the last month and the start of April and how they compare to the recent rains that have graced the area.  It is obvious to see that our 8 day stretch where we saw at least a trace of rain was more than all of March and almost the first half of April combined.  In fact about 35 percent of the rain (liquid equivalent with snow in winter) fell during those 8 days.   The numbers were taken at the Rochester International Airport.


Rainfall Amounts


Even though we have had all of this rain as of late, we are still considered to be in a severe drought with our deficit from last August still running about 8 inches.  With that said obviously any rain is good rain to help this situation, but we would like to see more.  Here is the current drought monitor from the USDA.








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  1. Gil Baron says:

    Interesting but maps nearly unreadable. No pinch zoom on iPad but would not help as unreadable even with 3X magnifier because of poor resolution. Perhaps links instead would work better. Trying again with Linksys to read in Safari Esther tan bulto in browse in twittellator

  2. Gil Baron says:

    Japón to Day It works in Safari, including pinc zoom but silla cannot read map ñor chart.

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