Say it ain’t snow! Storm update

November 3, 2013 0 Comments

Ok, let’s take a deep breath! A Winter Storm Watch has been issued for some of the area.  We have been advertising the chance for some snow and that the rain/snow line would be very close. This watch means there is the potential for these areas to pick up accumulating snow.  We would still be a couple of days out, but there are ingredients starting to come together.  Here is a look at the current Winter Storm Watch as of Sunday Night.




This storm will originate from the Texas panhandle bringing with it a ton of moisture.  At the very least there looks to be a lot of rain, with much of the area approaching or exceeding 1.00″ of liquid.





For the areas shaded in blue, this looks to be the best chance for areas to see a shovelable snow.  I just slapped myself after I wrote that.  For the places in pink, much of the precip looks to fall as rain with some snow mixing in, especially late Tuesday and through the morning hours of Wednesday.  Accumulations of snow are possible in this area, but huge questions to remain.  For the green areas, we may see some flakes, but little to no accumulation is expected at this time.



This is Minnesota and Iowa.  It does snow in November, but we haven’t had a lot in the last four years at least.  We do average 6.1″ inches.  That is in part though because November can be highly variable.  We have seen mild Novembers and cold Novembers.  It is still a transition month and the battle between warm and cold air means a little more this time of the year than it would in the actual winter months of December, January or February.



Basically the stars have to align for a lot of snow, but they have before.  Remember May 2nd?  Stay tuned for the latest forecast as this will need to be fine tuned.  With late or early season storms, a lot can change since temperatures mean so much to the type of precip that falls.   What I am saying is just because you’re hearing snow thrown all over the place, realize there are limiting factors that work against it this time of the year, but as I just said…it can happen!

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