Ramblings on a New Year’s storm

December 26, 2010 1 Comment

Nothing is concrete with this upcoming storm. But what is appearing to be more likely is that we will be on the warmer side of the system, meaning more rain than anything else. Infact, given the dynamics of this bugger, there may even be some thunder possible. I’m torn whether to feel happy or sad over this. I don’t feel too happy because – 1) it’s winter, and it should be snow but moreso 2) there could be some serious flooding issues with this.

Here’s my thinkings on what appears to want to take place:

Wednesday night-Thursday: Fog/freezing drizzle.

Thursday-Friday night: Drizzle/fog/periods of rain.

Friday night-Saturday: Fog/rain&snow mix/light snow

The snow looks to be minor accumulations. As hinted at above, flooding could be a big concern with this, probably the biggest concern out of the storm. There could be the threat for rapid runoff with such a solid snowpack on the ground. This could lead to an ice jam/flooding threat on rivers and streams. Additionally, temperatures will drop off quickly Friday night as the cold front passes through, leading to refreezing of any water, so travel issues could be likely.

Once again, nothing’s set in stone here. If the low stays on track (Iowa through Minnesota), then what I’ve just rambled on about looks to be a good bet. If the low moves east, over Illinois/Wisconsin, we’ll be in the colder air, so more of an ice/snow threat.

Bottom line – as always, hang tight and stay tuned the next couple of days. It’s still going to be a busy holiday weekend with a lot of people out celebrating….


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  1. Rod Orth says:

    Much concern should also be on the effect of rain freezing on the already large amounts of snow on the roofs of our homes and businesses… Adding weight and trapping the snow currently piled high. You add the weight of the snow so far this month, the rain frozen into the snow on the roofs and any more snow we get later could bring down the roof.
    Suggestion (Get the snow off the roof ASAP)
    PS… I am not in the snow removal business, just worried. Good luck all.

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