Potential record day

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It’s been cool, then hot, then cool again.  Yep you guessed it…it’s going to be hot then cool again.  But this Monday has a chance to be really hot.  If stars align…triple digit heat can return to the area for the first time since May.

A very warm airmass will slide up from the dessert southwest and affect us tomorrow.  Since it’s coming from the southwest, the airmass will tend to be a little drier in nature.  What this means is that this heat will be a little different than the heat we had a few weeks ago in the sense that the humidity will be lower.  We will still feel the humidity outside, but it shouldn’t be as oppressive.  This is going to be your typical “dry heat” if you will.  Either way though hot is hot, especially with the kids back in school and the pools closed.




I love to track 90 degree days through the summer.  Here’s where we stand so far.  Notice we are well below last years total, but comparing the last two months of the last two summers, things are pretty similar.




It looks like we will add another 90 degree day to this list on Monday, and in some cases, records may fall.  If the stars align (clouds leave in time, dew points stay relatively low, wind direction just right, etc.) we could see areas getting to around 100 degrees.  Here is a list of records around the area for Monday September 9th.




This heat fortunately will not last long.  For the latest seven day forecast check out  kttc.com/weather


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