December 4, 2008 1 Comment

The overall weather pattern isn’t changing much for us in the next week.  We’re under northwest flow aloft, which means the jetstream, in general, is flowing from northwest to southeast across southern Canada and the northern U.S.  This will mean a steady parade of cold fronts ‘clippers’ that will deliver occasional light snow. 

The next good chance for snow is Friday night into Saturday morning, and amounts are looking to be around 1″, 2″ tops.  This will be followed by another shot of light snow late Sunday into Monday morning.  Winter is definitely in full gear. 

A few notes…

-Did you happen to see the conjunction of Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon this past Monday?  Check out this collection of pictures at

-For us meteo-heads, autumn is over and winter is underway…it just makes more sense to us to break the seasons into 3 month increments.  :)  Check out the Autumn 2008 climate summary from the NWS La Crosse.


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  1. RuthieJ says:

    Hi Randy,
    Thanks for the link to photos of the recent celestial event. Those pictures were fantastic! And it was interesting to see that it truly was a smiley face in the southern hemisphere.

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