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July 7, 2013 0 Comments

At least this first statistic is eye popping to me.  We all know ho wet we have been going back to February, but put it next to last year and the margin is crazy!




You likely recall, we were in an extended drought last year which has since been wiped away by the recent wet months we have had.

Through the summer I like to think of 90 degrees as being the benchmark for summer heat.  So far this year we have had only two.  Of course the warm season started on the cool side, but May did give us one this year and even spots in the area got to triple digits on that day just 11 days removed from about 14″ of snow.  Last July, the first 5 days were in the 90s, so we are running well behind last year.  Below is the comparison from every 90 degree day from last year and where we stand this year.






There will be the chance to add to list in the coming days.

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