Drought Status Returns To Area

August 29, 2013 0 Comments

We knew it was inevitable with how dry we have been as of late, today (8/29) it became official.  The U.S . Drought monitor has officially put part of the area back into a drought.





What is mind blowing about our latest drought is that if you were to just look at the stats you would call me crazy, and here is why.

For 2013 alone, we are 10.93″ above normal in the precipitation department!!  Now we just talked about it and if you have been in the area over the summer we have been abnormally dry.  Here’s where the drought comes into play.  If you take the rain stats from June to where we are now, we are over 2″ below where we should be.  This lack of rain is also coming when the crops need it the most which obviously isn’t good.  They are using every last drop of soil moisture to develop which is taking even more moisture out of the soil.




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