Broken records that are mind blowing

March 2, 2014 0 Comments

This blog post will not disappoint! We all know by now after we have talked so much about it that we are living through one of the harshest winters of all time.  There is, however no parallel to the record we have just set because it has never been done before.  Sunday in Rochester and almost every location across the area failed to make it to zero degrees in.  In Rochester that has never happened before in March!  I repeat, for the FIRST time since records have been kept the high temperature in Rochester in March stayed below zero.  Records started back in 1886!!  To me that is just unreal and an exclamation mark (as if we needed one)  to already crazy winter.




But wait there’s more.  Many more records will be threatened as we move through the next couple of days.  The purple line is the forecast and the blue line is the record.  It is going to be quite cold for any time of the year, but especially for the beginning of March.



There are some positives in the seven day forecast…while no crazy warm-ups are in sight, 20s and possibly low 30s will make a short comeback.  Also who can forget we switch our clocks ahead this Saturday night, a sure sign that warmer days HAVE to be around the corner.





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