Rochester Climate Page

Welcome to the Rochester Climate page! We get numerous requests for daily snowfall, precipitation, and temperature (among others), so this can be a go-to page for those seeking such, and other, climate information.

Information from this page comes from the Minnesota Climatology Working Group and the National Weather Service La Crosse.

Although we refer to it, data here is still considered preliminary. Therefore, if you are seeking information for legal purposes, we urge you to go to the National Climatic Data Center or the Midwestern Regional Climate Center to order certified and finalized data.

How to read Preliminary Local Climatological Data

At this time, data on this page will focus on the Rochester area. Some of what you’ll be looking at takes data from the Rochester International Airport and puts it into a complicated not-user-friendly document. In short, this is the daily almanac rolled out for the month. Please look at the “How to read Preliminary Local Climatological Data” image to the left if you’re not familiar with using these.

As always, we welcome your feedback as we get running with this page. You can email us your comments:

FAQs & Links:

Q. I’m looking for the daily high/low/snowfall/precipitation/snow depth for a specific date. Where can I find that?
You can find this using the Rochester Preliminary Local Climatological Data (note: if you’re unfamiliar with using such, please see graphic above for some guidance).

Click here for a summary of Rochester’s Daily Snowfall Almanac (most recent info for the day; no history available).
Click here for a summary of Rochester’s Daily Precipitation Almanac (most recent info for the day; no history available)

Q. What are some snowfall records for Rochester?
Monthly, daily, and seasonal records are kept on the NWS La Crosse website. Click here. Also, the folks over there are really good about keeping this record stuff updated.

Q. How about precipitation records for Rochester?
You can also find those on the NWS La Crosse website by clicking here. Again, it’s regularly updated!

Q. What are some all-time record highs/lows and mean temperatures for Rochester?
Again, you can find this on the NWS La Crosse page. Click here.

Q. I’d like to know some frost and freeze dates for Rochester. Where can I find that?
Here’s a whole list of Minnesota cities with all the frost and freeze information you could ever imagine, from the NCDC! You’ll have to scroll to find Rochester. It’s also a PDF, so you’ll need Adobe Acrobat to read it.

Q. How about just general monthly climate stuff for Rochester over the years, maybe some Growing Degree Days too?
  If you want one stop to find Rochester historical data (1971-2000), it’s all here. This is also from the NCDC. It’s a PDF, so you’ll need Adobe Acrobat to read it.

Q. I can’t find data before 1971. Where can I go for that?
A. Temperature and precipitation data from can be accessed (follow page instructions) using this Minnesota Climatology Working Group Historical Data Retrieval page. Data is available from present all the way back to the very late 1800s. Data is hit and miss prior to 1895.

Q. Where can I find sunrise and sunset data, along with moonrise and moonset?
You can use the interface on the US Naval Oceanography page. Know that Daylight Time (aka Daylight Saving Time) is not used in the resulting calculations. As a result, during DST, you’ll have to add an hour to the times listed.
If you want to get super geeky (who doesn’t?) check out this new NOAA Solar Calculator!

Q. Where can I get the current moon phase?
Information on the current moon phase can be accessed here, from the US Naval Observatory. If you’re looking for dates of specific phases, check here, also from the US Naval Observatory