A Warm and Possibly Stormy First Weekend of Summer Lies Ahead of Us

June 21, 2013 0 Comments

With one round of strong storms already under our belt in the first few hours of summer, we’re facing the prospect of additional thunderstorm activity for today and the next few days as heat and humidity have shown up right on schedule to make things feel rather summery.  The same storm system that pushed the warm front into the Upper Mississippi Valley earlier, triggering some of those storms will hover to our west for the remainder of the weekend, possibly triggering more thunderstorms in our area.  There will be a chance for some redevelopment later today and this evening and then another complex or squall line of thunderstorm activity is expected to rumble through the area later tonight.  Damaging winds and heavy rainfall look to be the biggest problems in this scenario.  Of course, as much of the area received an inch or more of rainfall, any additional heavy rainfall may lead to more flooding, so this will certainly be an important component to our weekend weather that we will be watching closely.  Saturday looks bright, hot, humid, and rather gusty as that warm front moves to our north.  There may still be some thunderstorms in the area, however, possibly producing damaging winds, hail, and torrential rain.  Sunday looks like it may be a slightly safer bet for strong storm activity, especially later in the day as the main body of low pressure to our west moves a little closer.  Again, heavy rainfall, strong winds, and even some large hail will be possible, especially Sunday afternoon and Sunday night.  There will also be thunderstorm chances early Monday and then again late Monday into Tuesday and for part of Wednesday before a cold front pushes through, possibly suppressing the chances for unsettled weather for the latter portion of the week and next weekend, but this is pretty far off and it’s very possible that such an improving trend may be wishful thinking.  In the meantime, be prepared for strong thunderstorm chances this weekend along with hot temperatures and high humidity levels that will give us heat indices in the 90s to around 100 at times.

We're under the Slight Risk of severe weather in the Storm Prediction Center's Friday outlook.  We'll also be in the "Slight Risk" for Saturay and Sunday so stay tuned.

We’re under the Slight Risk of severe weather in the Storm Prediction Center’s Friday outlook. We’ll also be in the “Slight Risk” for Saturday and Sunday, so stay tuned.


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