A Surge of Warmth for the Weekend

March 28, 2014 0 Comments

We’ve waited a long time to talk about the prospect of 50, or dare I say, 60 degree warmth, but this weekend’s forecast is looking like a pretty warm one, at least for a day. Given the rough winter we’ve had, the unusually pronounced Arctic air pattern ¬†in our upper level winds, and our really thick snow pack, it shouldn’t be a surprise that any type of intense warm up would take a while to occur. That last couple of weeks have seen a long, slow melt down of that snow cover and now with more brown showing than white, the ground is able to warm more quickly allowing¬†our surface temperatures to more consistently approach the climate “normals” for temperatures. After a day in the 40s Saturday when sunshine and light winds will be the rule, Sunday will feature the passage of a warm front through our area and some strong mid level winds that will mix down some very warm air to the surface. That and some bright late March sunshine will help us warm from the 30s to the low 60s through the course of the day. South winds gusting to 35 or 40 miles per hour will make it feel a bit cooler, but I think most people will take the trade-off in this case as it’s the winds that will push us into that “much above normal category” in our temperatures. The last time we reached 60 degrees in Rochester was October 27th of last year, more than 150 days ago. The first 60 degree days of 2013 was April 26th, about a month later than this. The climate average, incidentally, is closer to 48 for Sunday.

Gusty south winds and warm, dry air will help us warm quickly inot the upper 50s to lower 60s Sunday.

Gusty south winds and warm, dry air will help us warm quickly into the upper 50s to lower 60s Sunday.

The rest of the week won’t be quite as warm, even as we move into April as upper 30s and 40s will be the trend for several days.


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