A Stormy Morning

April 12, 2014 0 Comments

Our first round of widespread rumblers of the season have come and gone and they may have gotten us out of bed a little early Saturday morning!  The storms left behind a lot of hail, most of it small, and some great pictures taken by you.

Rain was also impressive with spots picking up over .5″ of rain in a short amount of town.  With there still being some frost in the ground, be on the lookout for flooding of streams and urban areas since a lot of this water ran off.  Rainfall totals from Saturday are below.



As the storms came through this morning, they put on quite a show.  Thanks to all who sent picture in.



The weather pattern will turn a bit cooler, but remain active in the week ahead.  There are a couple of systems we are keeping a close eye on for chances those systems could bring us heavy rain, a wintry mix, or both.  Stay tuned as we turn the page into the upcoming week!

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