A Look at February

February 3, 2017 0 Comments

February is still firmly in winter, but we certainly do begin to see some changes! During the month of January, temperatures are historically cold with our coldest time of the year occurring through the middle of the month. It’s during February that we really begin to see our average temperature begin to climb from an average high of 25° on the 1st to 33° by the 28th!

We still see snow during February with an average snowfall of 8.5″ which is still impressive considering we average just over 11″ in January which has an extra 3 days!

The biggest difference we see in February is with sunlight. The winter solstice is distant in the review mirror and that means we will start to see an acceleration with the amount of daylight we gain each day! During the month of February, we gain about 76 minutes of daylight between the 1st and last day of the month and you will certainly notice the sun being out a little earlier each morning and a little bit later each evening!


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