A Look Ahead to Saturday’s Lunar Eclipse and Easter Weekend

April 2, 2015 0 Comments

Easter weekend is coming up and we have a pretty decent outlook as far as the weather is concerned. As a bonus, Saturday morning gives us a chance to see a phenomenon we rarely get to experience: a partial lunar eclipse.

Courtesy of Tony Rice

Courtesy of Tony Rice

Areas to our west have a chance to see the total eclipse, which starts at 6:58 CDT. However, sunrise at 6:46 CDT will interrupt our chance to get a glimpse at it. The best time to see and take photographs of the partial eclipse is starting at 6:06 CDT and lasting until sunrise. Skies will be partly cloudy so there is a good chance the view of the moon will not be obstructed. If you get any good photos, you can email them to us at weather@kttc.com and we might show them on air!


Now back to your regularly scheduled forecast. Saturday will be absolutely beautiful with a high in the mid 50s, mostly sunny skies and a nice breeze.


Easter morning will be somewhat chilly, but still seasonable for the low temperature. Sunrise is at 6:44 CDT and clouds will increase throughout the day but that should not affect the Easter egg hunts and any other activities you may have planned.


During the afternoon, the high will reach the mid 50s. There is a slight chance of rain but nothing that will be significant enough to ruin any outdoor activities Sunday afternoon or evening.


The KTTC Weather team hopes you have a good Easter weekend!

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